Monday Aug 14, 2006

The Changing of the Priesthood and the Tithe - Book - The prosperity of every ministry depends on it!

The Rapture Separating Fact From Fiction - Book - A shocking & controversial view from Christ's own words. Its a real challenge for lovers of truth.

Easter, is it Christian? - Check out the facts!

Why We Don't Celebrate Halloween - A must read for all parents.

December 25 - Merry Mithras - What really is the "Reason for the Season"?

Don't Do As The Heathen Do - Can a shrine in your yard or a decorated tree on a holiday offend God?

Book of Life - Could it be the opposite of what we have been taught?

Who or What is the Bride of Christ? - It's not who you think!

Who are the Sons of God? - Book - Undoing a sinister doctrine

The Gift of the Prophet - Examining a popular doctrine

Did the Gifts of the Spirit Cease? - A theology of impotence

What is Man That God is Mindful of Him? - One of the Big Keys

The Kingdom of Heaven Suffereth Violence - A New Thing

The Rise and Falls of Satan - Who he was and what he is.

The Theft of Blessings - Three ways the Devil steals our blessing

Mansions in Heaven? - Is heaven within?

Reguarding those which are Asleep - I would not have you to be ignorant

Two Resurrections - The one that passed and the one to come

In the Name of Jesus - A study on the word "name" and the name "Jesus"

The Doctrine of Baptisms - A study on three of the New Testament types of Baptism

What is The Baptism of Fire? - The last Baptism of Christ

Words - What are they really?

The Lake of Fire - The destruction of Angels and Men -"All things that offend and them which do iniquity"

Timeline of Biblical EventsGraphical View of Past, Present and Future Events    (Correlating Scriptures)