Audio Bible Studies

The following studies were recorded live in our adult Bible class. Feel free to download and respond if you have questions. Most have accompanying printed outlines available on request by email at


The Changing of the Priesthood and the Tithe

Part I and Part II – Our relationship to the Law and God’s plan for prospering the Ministry (Study Notes)


In the NameA study on invoking the authority of Christ      (Study Notes)


Putting on the New ManHow to walk in the Newness of Life    (Study Notes)


The Ministry of Reconciliation Part 1 and Part 2- Forgiveness    (Study Notes)


The Rise and Falls of Satan  Part 1 and Part 2    (Study Notes)


Son of God,  God in the Flesh or Both  - Was Christ really 100% man and 100% God?   (Study Notes)


The Da Vinci Code ApostasyThe fulfilling of Prophecy today     (Study Notes)


Apostasy Part 2 Beyond the Da Vinci Code    (Study Notes)


Apostasy Part 3 – Deception Enslaves it’s Believers   (Study Notes)


The Sabbath of God – Entering into His rest is not a day    (Study Notes)


Divorcing God  - Can Salvation be Relinquished?     (Study Notes)


Rebuke or Railing Accusation  - What can believers use and how can they use it? (Study Notes) 

 (Video referred to in study)


Harpazo  - The most important word in understanding the Rapture &

                   The Truth about the Rapture (Study Notes)


Three Part Man – Untangling the confusion about Salvation and Sin

                               by understanding what we are (Study Notes)


The Doors - “There are things that are known and there are things unknown

                        and in between are the doors.” (Study Notes)


Purging our Sin Consciousness Part 1 – Removing a hindrance to communion with God


Purging our Sin Consciousness Part 2     (Study Notes)


The Passion of The Christ Story Set to Pink Floyd’s “Dark side of the Moon” by Glenn Beck


Isaiah 40:31 – They that wait upon the Lord…  How do we “wait”?   (Study Notes)


The Work of Faith  Part 1 -  What is Faith and how does it work     (Study Notes)


The Work of Faith  Part 2


What we have is enough  - How much more do you need before taking action?  (Study Notes)


Removing the Collar of Inferiority  -   How to remove the yoke of bondage.  (Study Notes)


Receiving a Fresh Word from God   - Listening for God - Recorded live at Men’s Retreat



Abiding in the Vine Part 1  -  Christ is teaching on our relationship with Him and the Father


Abiding in the Vine Part 2  - In Him we live and breath and have our being      (Study Notes)